Common Question Being:

Should I Buy First or Sell First?

It’s like a Chick and Egg Question. So the Variables are:

Having Said it also depends if your next place is move-inor needs extensive renovation.

Common Bad Scenarios You Would Want To Avoid


Customer A Sold His Place but required to rent another place short term.


Made Multiple Calls but cant finds accommodation.


Sell below market price because you are committed to another property.


There are cases where clients are ok which don’t mind because the priority is not the money, so there will also be clients who still prefer to “Buy First then Sell” or “Sell First then Buy.”

The workarounds will be the Salesperson has to really knowswhat he is doing and to be well communicatedwith the Property Owners.

We have done most of the Variations.

Easy to Complex Case Studies as Such:


Case Study 1 ( Sells 1 Buy 2)

First Sell a four-bedroom Condo, Secondly Buys a two-bedroom ownstay and Thirdly New Launch for Rental income (Buy in Trust or Single Name). Home Owner only Moves one time and don’t need any temporary Accommodation.

The Property you hold can only be a existing Landed Home.

Case Study 2 (Buy first with long option Period and Sell Existing Landed)

First Buys a Freehold Semi-Detached Landed. Secondly Sells the Buyer’s 99 Yr Inter-Terrace House within a timeline.

Case Study 3 (Sells HDB and Buy Condo for Invest and collect rental)

Client First Buy a 99 Yr 3bedroom Condo in Mass-market Area for $1.1m.Secondly sells his HDB at $10k below COV. Rents an Apartment near workplace and or can stay with Parents.

Holds for 3 years.

Rented out and Later Sells the same 99 Yr 3bedroom Condo in Mass-market Area at $1.3m and re-invest into a Freehold 2bedroom in Newton at $1.22m.

Supposedly if he were to hold on to the same HDB. The Property Value remains the same. While now the Freehold 2bedroom in Newton is worth minimum $1.55m.


Case Study 4 (Sell Aged 99yr Condo (20yr) and buy Newer Condo (3yr) 

First Sells the 20 yrs old 99 yr Condo, Secondly Buys a 3 yr old 99 yr Condo. Supposedly if he stuck with his property, there is no increment. Whereas now the property has made a $300kPaperwork.

Case Study 5 (Sells Current Ownstay and investment Property, Buy Landed)

First Sells their Existing Condo and their Investment Property which is a Studio unit, Secondly upgraded to a nearby 4 Bedroom Freehold Condo. (Challenges were on the Loan, But we got it through.)

All the above mentioned is personally transacted by us. Not in Theory but in actual Case Studies in which the clients are our walking testimonials.

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