Selling or Buying a Property can be a seamless effort when it is done right.

Singapore Full Service Property Agency.

Why Engage Us?

On top of getting you the best deal in the shortest possible time, here’s what makes us the industry’s preferred real estate partner.

Personalized Service

  • Do a Face to face Consultation.
  • Find out what are your goals and your essentials, and what is your current house.
  • Talk about the lifestyle you want.
  • Where would you want to live.
  • Create a Right Strategy for you.

Regular Updates

  • We talk to our clients about the good, bad and ugly and the horror stories that can happen.
  • Giving Simple Precautions from our experience.
  • Highlight Suspicions offers and/or Unreasonable Requests.
  • Make a Professional Assessment when receiving an Offer.

Magic Bullet Approach

  • Target Oriented.
  • Results Driven.
  • Effortless and Smooth.
  • Effective Communication.
  • Ominchannel Marketing.
  • Holistic Approach.

What services do you provide?

Comprehensive Analysis for Pricing

  • There is no one price FIT all solution.
  • Have access to Market Volatilty trend.
  • Demand and Supply Comparision.
  • Tier Pricing depending based on Time-line. (Possibilities and Potential Growth Analysis)

Effortless Transaction

  • We put pride in our work.
  • We know what we are doing to ensure the best interest to our Clients.
  • Get a Seamless Experience and be well taken care by us.

How about your charges?

No hidden charges. That’s not our style.

Party Service Fee
Vendor/Seller Two percent (2%) contracted price.
HDB Purchase One percent (1%) of contracted price.
For Private Properties Purchase NO FEE will be collected. The Developer or Seller’s Listing Agent will paying out the commission.
Duration of Lease Service Fee
24 Months or Less Half (1/2) month’s rent

if the duration of lease is 12 months.
One Month Rent
in respect of the first 24 months. Pro-rate calculation for more than 12 months and below 24 months.

Every subsequent 12 months or less Half (1/2) month’s rent: Renewal of Lease for every 24 months lease One Month’s rent:
*Fees are subjected to changes without further notification. To Discuss and find out more. please contact us via +65 9450 7545, email us at [email protected] or complete the contact form.

I want to engage your service!

Property Owners can also Choice to Engage us for the a Full Custom Marketing Plan. Professional fees applies upon securing a Buyer.

You are One Step Away from your Goals.

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