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Mr Lim Kim Lee / Multiple Property Owner

Got a New tenant 40% higher in rent.

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Mr Tan Kok Siong / Multiple Property Owner

Gary got a good tenant. Great Work

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Ms Yeo / Investor

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Unlock the potential of your space with our property management service. Trust our expert property managers in Singapore to transform your property into a lucrative income source. We prioritize your satisfaction by carefully selecting dependable tenants and ensuring the maintenance of your property.

Make More Without Any Hassle With Our Property Management Company

Owning rental homes can be costly. The right property management company can make all the difference. With our property management services, we help to safeguard your investment, minimize your costs, and maximize your landlord income without interrupting your daily life.

With the help of our dedicated Singapore property managers, not only will the rental value of your property increase, but you can also rest assured that the most appropriate tenancy management services, including tenant placement and timely rent collection, are covered. We also handle tenant relations to foster long-term relationships!

As your property manager, we protect and manage your real estate investment, whether it’s your first time renting out your property or you’re an experienced landlord. Efficiently streamline your rental property management with us today!

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Leave the Hard Work to Our Property Managers

Our property manager services approach is simple. We provide professional, trustworthy residential property management services, from tenant screening to leasing, from property maintenance to evictions.

We understand the unique challenges of the Singapore market and are equipped with the expertise to navigate them effectively. 

What’s more? Our property service management cater to all maintenance requests on your behalf! Whether you are an investor with several rental homes or an unintentional landlord, our quality services will help you stay ahead of the curve, always!

Experience the benefits of our top-notch property management services in Singapore and let us take care of your properties while you enjoy the rewards.

Why wait? Talk to our licensed and experienced property agent in Singapore now on rental property management!




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Rely on Our Professional Property Management Team

Have the Best Property Agent in Singapore on Your Side

We’re a one-stop property management company in Singapore that you can count on. We have the local knowledge and expertise, supported by systems and processes developed over the past 13 years. Join the league of homeowners and investors who trust BuyCondo to manage their rental property.

Whether you own one rental home or multiple properties, an apartment building, or single-family homes, our staff are prepared to meet the demands of property management, 24 hours a day.

We know what works, what rents, and how to get more out of your rental property – all at a competitive price.

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There will not be many issues to have your property sold with or without a tenancy.
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Real Estate Management Services in Singapore

Maintaining rental homes can come with a considerable financial burden while being a property owner can prove to be taxing! Partnering with the ideal property management company can be the key to transforming your experience as a property owner.

Hence, rental property owners and investors have trusted BuyCondo for many years and benefited from the services of our specialized property management team to take care of their properties.

Whether it’s tenant insurance, property taxes, bill payments, or additional fees, our team will always provide you with up-to-date financial reports, ensuring you enjoy absolute peace of mind. Plus, we guarantee transparency with no hidden fees.


    Our Property Management Services

    We handle every aspect of your property, from end to end, to ensure your investment performs at its best.

    From showcasing your property to lease signing, we handle every step in between with expertise.

    We regularly inspect your rental property, inside and out ensuring your property is in top notch condition.

    Ensuring a steady monthly cash flow is our priority. Our follow-up procedures guarantee on-time fee collection.

    We maintain meticulous records of your property’s income and expenses, adhering to general accounting principles with precision.

    We utilize the latest technologies for pre-screening and credit checks to ensure excellent tenant selection.

    Despite our careful tenant selection, occasional evictions may be necessary. If needed, we promptly take all necessary legal actions to address the situation. Rest assured, our staff is highly knowledgeable in state and local landlord or tenant laws.

    We ensure swift and efficient handling of repairs and emergencies through our network of trusted contractors and negotiated rates.

    We offer regular updates and reports on revenue and income, allowing you to have peace of mind that your property is achieving its goals.

    The web has revolutionized marketing, and we utilize the latest digital advertising methods to effectively and affordably promote your property.

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    Property Management FAQs

    Property ownership can involve legal complexities, such as contracts and potential disputes. By entrusting professionals to handle these matters, you save valuable time and avoid legal complications. At BuyCondo, we ensure that your investment remains hassle-free at all times.

    Yes, we can and we certainly will.

    From our website to social media channels, our property management team will promote your property on various platforms, including high-traffic websites. This extensive exposure ensures that prospective tenants are aware of your property and your offerings, increasing the likelihood of finding a tenant at the earliest possible date.

    When a tenant provides notice or vacates a property, we conduct a comprehensive inspection to assess its condition. The same propertyy inspection procedure applies when a new tenant moves in. This allows us to closely monitor the rental unit’s condition and promptly identify any damages.

    We offer management plans that include optional evaluations, providing a thorough inspection of the property along with a detailed written and photographic report.

    Selecting the right tenant is one of the most effective ways to avoid rent payment issues.

    Fortunately, we have a meticulous tenant selection process in place, greatly reducing the occurrence of non-payment.

    However, in the rare event that it does happen, we take action. Our competent legal team assists us in serving the tenant with the necessary eviction documentation.

    At BuyCondo, we take pride in our close-knit team, each member possessing extensive expertise in the field of property management.

    What truly sets us apart from our competitors is the transparency we maintain throughout the entire process and our efficient handling of your investment property. We openly discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly with our clients, including potential challenges and how we proactively work to minimize complications.

    Yes, we do offer end-to-end maintenance services for your investment property, ensuring your tenants enjoy a hassle-free stay, everyday. consists of trustworthy maintenance providers, including:

    • Cleaners
    • Painters
    • Plumbers
    • Electricians
    • Contractors
    • General Repair Tradespeople

    We provide 24×7 repair and maintenance services, even on weekends and holidays, guaranteeing the highest quality work at competitive prices. Additionally, every member of our maintenance team is bonded and insured.

    We collect the rent on your behalf and ensure it is promptly deposited into your bank account. As part of our service, we provide monthly statements that are accessible through your owner’s portal. With our property management consultants by your side, you can rely on receiving timely payments consistently, month after month, year after year.

    Certainly, we can assist you! At BuyCondo, our team possesses extensive knowledge of the local real estate market. We can help you find the finest condo for sale in Singapore that will generate a high rental income and ensure a fantastic return on your investment. Simply contact us, and we will connect you with one of our real estate specialists who will take care of the rest!

    We provide a wide range of rental properties, encompassing various residential and commercial options: 

    • Condo/Apartment Rentals
    • Landed Rentals
    • Commercial Rentals

    This ensures that our full service property agency can meet the diverse needs and preferences of our clients.

    Being a landlord offers great benefits, but it also entails significant obligations. Opting for the services of a property management firm is the most promising solution to alleviate the burdens that landlords typically face.

    At BuyCondo, we are committed to delivering the most comprehensive advantages in property management. When it comes to managing your investment properties, you can have full confidence in our capable property managers!

    Absolutely! At BuyCondo, we handle all market research on your behalf. We will ensure that your rental charges align with the property’s location, size, and condition. When you enlist our specialized services, you can trust us to take care of all the hard work for you.