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Putting your property on the market can be a difficult decision and emotional. Getting it right can make a substantial financial impact. The right real estate salesperson could increase the potential profit and smooth the entire process.

Familiarity with the legal requirements of a property sale

Property transactions (be it buying or selling) generally involves regulations and legal requirements. Especially in Singapore, where the property market is closely monitored by the government to ensure no over-heating of the housing prices due to speculative activities. The government has set up taxes or stamp duties, structured legal process and lists of required documentations needed for a legit property sale.Furthermore, regulations change, for example the SSD (Seller Stamp Duty) had been adjusted through the years, and for different scenarios. It would take someone who is very meticulous to keep track of all these regulatory requirements, unless you are handling property sales and purchase every day.This is precisely why a property agent can value add to you by providing you all the updated requirements and legal procedures needed for your home sale. They can help remind you to prepare for the relevant documents, to submit, and to keep track of the deadlines.

Advice on financial matters

From the beginning of the sale process, your real estate agent will calculate and analyse your finances for you, advising on the relevant taxes or fees. Hence, they can help you avoid painful financial pitfalls.

Network of clientele

Another advantage of having an agent to sell your property is that an agent would already have a pool of potential buyers to market your property to. On the contrary, in a DIY home sale you will need to source for your buyers, and use the right marketing channels to spread the word on your property listing.You may think it is not difficult to post your condo or property online to sell. But would you be able to very quickly list your property on multiple relevant digital platforms that perform well for your type of property? After posting your property listing, would you be able to monitor the listings for performance, advertise the listing if necessary, repost or refresh them on each platform? Sounds like a lot of work right?

Connection to relevant resources

No matter the condition of your home, you may probably need to do some refurbishment or repair to make it more marketable. Some may even go to the extent of stagging their property for ease of sale. If you’re doing this yourself, it’s short of doing another renovation on your own. If you have a real estate agent working for you, your agent would be able to quickly connect you with relevant and trusted contractors, painters or handyman who can help give your condominium or property a facelift in a short time. Making your property condition tip top for sale.

Negotiation skills

A property agent can help you to size up potential enquires or leads, qualify potential quality buyers, present the good qualities of your home clearly to the buyers and negotiate for the best price for your property. Not to forget, the buyer may have their own buy-side property agent who would try to press down the price for their buyers. An experienced real estate agent with experience in negotiating and closing many sales before would be able to negotiate for the best price for you.Some people think that selling a property is just as simple as putting up a few paperwork. But in reality, there is a lot of time, consideration and hard work involved from the initial marketing of your property, sieving out potential buyers (qualifying the leads), coordinating multiple viewings with multiple parties to negotiating for the optimal pricing and closing the sale at the right time. Hiring an agent not only can save you valuable time, but also ensure your property sale is completed smoothly at the best price for you.

Common Question Being

Below are some common scenarios that
you may want to avoid

Genuine Buyers looking to buy;
however, your property still has a long lease—the Buyer cant Wait.


Put an additional clause in the tenancy agreement

Negotiate with the tenant on the option of having an early termination

Selling with the tenancy

There will not be many issues to have your property sold with or without a tenancy.
Sales Completion will generally be two weeks option period + 12 weeks Completion.

Things to Take Note

  • Suppose you have any bank loan-in. If there is, the redemption penalty shall usually be 1.5% of the outstanding loan.
  • If you take up another loan from the same bank, you maybe able to go on the redemption penalty.
  • The workarounds will be the Salesperson has to really knows what he is doing and to be well communicated with the Property Owners.

We have done most of the Variations.

Easy to Complex Case Studies as Such

Home Owner only Moves one time and
don’t need any temporary Accommodation

First we need to plan out the sale based on the Seller’s Motivation.

Looking to upgrade, downsize or cash out.

Some Scenerios that we recently handled:

  • Sells Private Condo, buys an HDB.
  • Sells the 99 Yr Inter-Terrace House, buys a Freehold Landed.
  • Sells the 20 yrs old 99 yr Condo, buys a 3 yr old 99 yr Condo.
  • Sell a Studio Apartment, upgrade to a two bedroom apartment.

We do not just do theory, we are experienced in handling all types of Properties with Different Scenerios.

Things can a lot easier you appoint someone that knows what they
are doing. Speak to us, and we can offer you the right solution.

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