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Clearance Of Choked/blocked Drainage And Rubbish Chutes , Door Related Repairs , Faulty Water Tank Repairs , Installation & Repair Of Sinks , Toilets , Pipes , Fixtures , Painting , Plumbing Services , Rewiring Works , Servicing , Sink & Pipe Leakage Repairs , Tiling Works

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For over 30 years, Plumber Doctor has been helping households and offices in solving their plumbing and drainage problems. Plumber Doctor is a full service plumbing company licensed by PUB and provides island-wide service from East Coast to Jurong. We only employ local workers and is one of the only company that issue warranty cards. Plumber Doctor also offers interior work that includes tiling works, wiring, painting and door-related repairs. Committed to the highest standards of customer care and service, Plumber Doctor’s efficient service at reasonable price is your resident DOCTOR in restoring leaking pipes, drainages and faulty interior works to health. Regardless of where or when you need our plumbing or drainages services, Plumber Doctor is ready to give you our swift and professional service. For efficient service and reasonable rates, call Doctor Meng (The doctor of all plumbers) at 9143 2722.