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How To Pick Up The Right Property During Recession

How To Pick Up The Right Property During Recession?


There will always be a group of real estate investors looking to time the market.

Rather than to give them a very nice picture perhaps we may jump into a situation where there is a V-Shaped Recovery if went into a dip in macroeconomics.

As for now, the hiking interest rates from the Federal Reserve interest rates are established in the aid of slowing down of the inflation that is happening in the world. When we understand that these high-interest rates are not meant to stay as it is not favourable to consumers and business.

And if you do decide to buy, make sure you do your homework first. With the right information on the housing market, you can avoid making common mistakes during this economic downturn in the real estate market.

Want to learn more about the economic downturn and the global financial crisis impact on the real estate sector? Carry on reading below.

What is a recession?

What is Recession?

Recession means it can be a tough time for real estate investors and property prices will most likely plummet downwards. Not to forget, the demand slows down at the same time.

Recession affects overall consumer spending as everyone (including real estate investors) is tightening their belts.

However, there are many silver linings that property investors can leverage. For example, economic uncertainty and economic downturns are times when the economy slows down and fewer real estate investors are going into real estate investments.

So, if you’re looking to buy existing properties or getting into the real estate market, the market may not be the best time to do so if you are going in blindly.

The most important thing to do for real estate investors is to perform your research on:

  • Real estate market (home prices, mortgage rates, property taxes, etc.)
  • Interest rates
  • Monthly mortgage payment
  • Real estate prices
  • Even the outlook of the global economy

You never know how the recession affects the market condition and you need to have a contingency plan in place.

If you’re still considering of becoming a real estate investor during a recession or poor market condition, don’t worry. You will find several useful tips that will help you navigate through the challenging financial markets.

Remember that good things will happen once the market rebounds. Just don’t expect it to happen overnight!

Are we in a recession now?

Is Singapore In Recession Now?

It is difficult to give a clear answer as to whether or not we are currently in a recession.

However, based on the indicators that are available, it seems likely. For example, GDP has been shrinking for several quarters now and there have been layoffs (and unemployment rates) in various sectors of the economy.

Given all this news, it would make perfect sense if people were unsure about making big financial decisions such as buying or selling property – especially when interest rates are relatively high at the moment. In any case, don’t wait too long before making your decision.

Why is the property market a concern now?

Many real estate investors are concerned about the market because there is a high demand for properties. This has caused the prices of properties to rise quickly, making it difficult for people who don’t have the money to invest.

However, there are still some property owners who are considering buying or selling now because they think the market will continue rising. If you’re thinking about buying a property, be sure to do your research first.

There are plenty of resources available online that can help you understand the market and make an informed decision.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for professional help if you’re not sure whether the property market is right for you.

Here are 8 important factors to consider if you are thinking of performing real estate transactions during challenging market conditions.

1. Do Your Homework On The Real Estate Market

Understanding Real Estate Investment

It can be difficult to find the perfect home during a recession or poor market conditions. That’s why it’s important to do your research and arm yourself with the right information. As a starting point, find out as much as you can about the region you’re interested in.

Next, ask family, friends, and professionals for their opinion. They may have insider knowledge that you don’t know about. When it comes to negotiating prices, be firm but reasonable.

Don’t overexpose yourself, and don’t let yourself be pushed into a situation you don’t want to be in.

Remember, there are good properties out and home sellers there waiting to be found!

Other things to keep note:

  • Know the market
  • Get impartial advice
  • Understand your budget
  • Don’t fall in love with a property right away

2. Get Your Ducks in a Row

When the housing market is tough, it can be tough to find the right property. But don’t worry, there are a few steps you can take to make the hunt a little easier.

First and foremost, make sure you have a solid plan. This means having your financing in order and knowing the requirements of the property you’re interested in.

Secondly, schedule an appointment with a lender to get pre-approved for a property purchase. This will give you peace of mind and will speed up the process.

Finally, make sure all your ducks are lined up – this includes having all your paperwork in order, being able to afford the mortgage, and being prepared for potential inspections.

Things to consider:

  • Have a strong knowledge of the current market conditions in Singapore
  • Having knowledge of the stock market is an added advantage
  • Knowing the lowest point (financially) that you can endure

3. Watch for Motivated Homeowners and Home Sellers

You Can Get Good Real Estate Investment Deals During Recession

During economic downturns, it can be tough to find the right private property that fits your needs.

However, by being prepared and watching for motivated sellers, you can easily snag a great property. These are the people who are looking to quickly sell their property and move on.

So, the key is to be prepared to make a smart offer and don’t hesitate to negotiate for a better value.

Additionally, use keyword searches in online databases and newspapers to find properties that match your criteria – whether you’re buying or selling! Armed with this information, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect property for your needs during a recession.

Things to focus on:

  • Do your research and ask the right questions
  • Be prepared to negotiate
  • Stay close to the recession and economy news to save some investment money

4. Negotiate with the Realtor For Better Real Estate Prices

It can be tough to find the right property during tough market conditions, but it’s worth it to stick to your guns. As a first-time buyer, it’s important to have a good understanding of the market and what to expect during negotiations. Be prepared to offer a fair price for the property, and be firm in your demands. However, be polite and understanding at all times. By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to find the perfect property no matter the market conditions.

Things you can do:

  • Ask for referrals or references
  • Be persistent as recession affect everyone

5. Make Sure the Title Is Clear

It’s tough to invest in real estate during slump or poor market conditions, but it’s essential to do so if you’re serious about buying property.

Make sure the title is clear by checking for any disputes that may arise, and get a copy of the deed or a legal description of the property if possible.

You should also inspect the documents and visit the property which is essential in making an informed decision. If you’re unable to agree on terms, it may be best to wait until economic conditions improve for your area.

Things you can do:

  • Get the title checked and verified
  • Know the Singapore real estate laws
  • Inspect and secure the documents

6. Real Estate Investors Should Avoid Bidding War

Avoid Bidding War

When the market is tough, it is tempting to go all in and bid on as many properties as possible. However, this can often lead to a bidding war and ultimately a loss.

Instead, be patient and stick to your guns when the right property becomes available. Keep your eye out for properties that have been on the market for less time, and offer lower bids in order to increase your chances of winning.

Remember – timing is key when it comes to buying or selling a property during these tough economic times. Don’t let emotions get in the way of making sound financial decisions!

Things to consider:

  • Be prepared to negotiate hard
  • Avoid being overly swayed by the marketing materials

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

When it comes to buying a property during a recession or poor market conditions, it’s important to be brave and walk away if the deal isn’t right.

You’re looking for an investment, not a home, so don’t let your emotions get in the way.

Use online real estate survey tools in Singapore to help you find properties that fit your criteria. Once you’ve found a few, stay positive – buyers will come back when the economy improves!

Try these:

  • Stick to your budget
  • Keep an open mind

8. Know Why You’re Stepping Into The Housing Market

The most important step here is to understand your reasons for buying or being a real estate investor.

  • Do you want an investment property?
  • Or do you need a place to live?

Once you know this, it’s easier to narrow down your search.

Remember the golden rule of real estate – always invest in properties that are within your budget and meet all of your needs.

And last but not least, don’t hesitate to pick up a bargain when the time is right. Good real estate is like gold – less competition doesn’t mean that you can wait too long to get your hands on it.

Try these:

  • Research the market and your specific area
  • Keep tabs on your budget and stick to it as much as possible.


There are many reasons why the property market is a concern right now. However, the key to success during these difficult market conditions is to do your research and make educated decisions. Based on historic trends, any dips are in a short time span before leading into a greater property price point.

Without the need to add on, the last 8 implementations of cooling measures did not shake the property market for the slightest.

Reach out to us and lets plan the roadmap together.


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