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How to sell your Condo Faster and Higher Price

How to sell your Condo Faster and Higher Price

All Condos attracts a different type of buyers based on their unique selling points. And it will be good to identify the following outlines before putting yours into the market with and the right strategy and get the right buyer worthy for the property.

Who are the buyers that will Be Buying?

Locals, SPR or Foreigners?

Who will be the people that would love to Stay in the Condo?

Professionals, Families, Expats?

sell condo faster and higher price

What is the Unique Selling Points(USP) of the Condo?

Is it a children-friendly environment?

Does it offer Space vs Location?

Does it come with a Lap Pool?

Does it come with a Tennis Court?

What is the Unit Mix for your Property Type in the Condo?

Is it a Minority or Majority for your unit type in the Development?

What are the Good Schools Nearby?

Therefore attract Motivated Parents that are inspired to buy and enrol their children for the correct setup.

How many units are currently selling in the Condo? 

Identify the listings in the market. How Long have they been Selling?

How much is the condo worth?

The Golden Question all Sellers want to know. 

Price your Property with the End Game in Mind. 

You will not want to price the property too high when there is no enquiries.

Or the Interested Buyers who are coming is shoppers and not ready buyers; hence they are not interested in your high asking price.

With information easily accessible, it is not difficult to get your similar condo prices sold in the surrounding or same Development.

Do not underestimate what the Salesperson can do for you.

When it comes to buyers who want to bargain with Objections, a proficient salesperson that you engaged will know how to handle it when the offer comes and acts in your interest.

Please do not underestimate the salesperson input as they may be accessible to information or the latest transactions off the books.



Get Professional Expert Advice with track records and your inputs to get it done seamlessly and provide you with all the information needed and roll out the marketing plan. 


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