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Tenant’s Guide to Sorting Out Broadband

Tenant’s Guide to Sorting Out Broadband

What’s the first thing that you want to be able to do when you move into your new accommodation? Get online? It’s your communication entertainment and even your means of earning a living.

An Internet connection in your home is part of your basic needs. So, you must talk through the details with your landlord. Especially since the rules about broadband in rented property are not well defined.

This article is also for hdb or condo homeowners who will be collecting their keys for the new launch condo or resale condo units.

Does the Broadband Service comes with apartment? – Tenant’s Guide to Sorting Out Broadband

Generally, Broadband Services are usually not included in the property leases which is unlike co-living or service apartments.

You may seek clarifications unless the current landlord has an ongoing 24 Months contract that has not been fulfilled they will advise you to subscribe in your own name. For a case where our landlord is relocating overseas, we got the tenant to take over the existing broadband services.

Some landlords may set up broadband for their tenants, but this is optional. Telephone, television and Internet connections are all things that a landlord can provide you with without providing you with.

Does the Apartment comes with Netlink Trust Point (Fibre Ready)? – Tenant’s Guide to Sorting Out Broadband

Tenant's Guide to Sorting Out Broadband
Tenant’s Guide to Sorting Out Broadband

Please look around in the apartment to ensure this Netlink Trust Terminal is in place.

We handled a case for our property management services where the moving-out tenant dismantled the point without knowing it was part of the apartment. And the service providers are not able to do anything unless Netlink Trust (The only Vendor that can install this terminal on the premises)

Broadband services have become an essential part of the lease, and it may be deemed unlivable if the infrastructure is not ready or has been tampered with, resulting in the apartment without internet services.

This should be the least concern because any newly built condo or existing resale condo should have this terminal point in the premises ready.

We do not recommend you shift the terminal point or do any modifications by yourself; should you need to shift or relocate the point, you will need the landlord’s written consent.

If you have a high rental Budget and you want to include the broad services in the Rent Price.

Due to the High Allocated Budget from tenants renting, they want to avoid coming out money from their own pockets. The tenants would like to be included as part of the rent. For landlords to make their properties more attractive and secure good tenants with High Budgets, some landlords do agree to offer Internet that is up and running, and This is very attractive in one respect.

However, it may also mean you need exemplary service from the landlord.

Have this conversation with your landlord before you sign the tenancy agreement. Many landlords will allow you to switch providers once you move in, but the new internet router might take a few weeks to arrive and start running. However, it might be a deal breaker if you are unhappy with the existing package and the landlord will not allow you to switch providers.

So far there are the least complaints from Singapore Broadband Service Providers that we encountered.

Standard broadband speeds of up to 1Gbps Optic Fibre should be adequate.

To know that Singapore has a good infrastructure for the fibre optic covered island-wide.

An Entry of 1Gbps is already considered a very high-speed connection compared to some countries, which can only go at 200Mbps.

When the provider offers 2Gbps, it only means having a 2 x 1Gbps connection that allows you to spread your number of users into the 2 x 1Gbps connections.

Some providers may also offer home-line services and mobile lines at minimal monthly fees.

How can I save on my broadband? – Tenant’s Guide to Sorting Out Broadband

A 24-month contract would be cheaper compared to a non-contract. It can also be cheaper to get a broadband and phone deal together. Package deals are always more cost-effective than individual contracts with various service providers.

What should I remember to check? – Tenant’s Guide to Sorting Out Broadband

Look carefully at the length of the contract that you are entering into. If you are still determining the time you will stay in the property, you may opt for a short contract. Some service providers may allow the next tenant to inherit the contract from you, but this will require negotiations with all sides, which can be time-consuming and nerve-wracking. If any of the sides don’t agree, the broadband company may impose penalties for early termination of your contract.

If a cheap introductory offer tempts you, ensure you are happy to pay the charges that come into force once the offer ends. Look out for hidden costs such as line rental, set-up fees and connection charges.

What deal is right for me? – We find the Right Solutions for you.

You can shop around and choose the provider yourself. Choose the package that is best suited to your needs. If you are considering moving into a property where the Internet is included as part of the rent, you need to be clear about what package and provider you will use and whether or not it is appropriate for you.

Tenant’s Guide to Sorting Out Broadband


As we serve many expats that are relocating to Singapore, we will get our panel of broadband installers/agents to recommend the most suitable and competitive plans at the doorstep service.

If you do not know, you do not need to go and queue at the retail. Don’t pay for more than you need.


This article is provided as a guide. Any information should be used for research purposes, and value add for expats or new homeowners whom would like to get a new broadband package. Prices are subject to change and final approval by the service providers.


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