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Aircon Not Cold issues. Tips to Landlords and the Tenants.

Aircon Not Cold issues. Tips to Landlords and the Tenants.

BUYCONDO Team is doing property management for Property Owners since 2009; these are common issues occurring to properties, especially when the age of the property increases.

Often the time, landlords will have concerns, and the first few questions are usually to be asked if the tenant has maintained the Quarterly Servicing as per contract and if they have kept the receipts history.

Property Management service will include liaising, coordinating and addressing the cause and problem before we provide efficient solutions.

Action steps is usually the following to resolve the issue.

  1. Topping Up of Gas.
  2. Chemical Cleaning of Fancoil /Ducted and Outdoor Condenser.
  3. Pressure test or straight to replace the whole aircon system with/out the insulation pipes.

Before that, Consider the Troubleshooting Process and Resolutions.

  1. 1st Step would be checking the condition of the Air-conditioning.
  2. 2nd Step would be to propose Chemical Cleaning and Topping Up of Gas.
  3. If the Aircon is not cold after one or two months later,
  4. 3rd Step-Pressure Test. ( During this test, 2-3 Days not able to turn on the air-con)
  5. 4th Step-Results will show if the current pipes/Condenser has any gas leaks. Usually at this point, contractors will not propose to mend/repair the pipes and will suggest replacing and running conceal pipes whenever possible and partially with exposed pipe when it has to. (Especially for Condos, Contract will need to do a Site visit to see how the existing insulation and drainage pipes is being set up previously.  ( Pls note that Site Inspections can be chargeable depending on relationships with the Aircon Contractors)
  6. Replace the whole system and or the whole system with new insulation pipes.  (Some landlords may consider replacing with 2nd condensers/fancoils depending on the problems)

1 Bedroom apartment, 8 at Mount Sophia,  when we assisted in achieving a good settlement between to the tenant and landlord.


We opted for the Professionals to do a Chemical Cleaning for the fancoil units.

 Existing State of Fancoil ( With rust, dirt and “Jelly”)

aircon that needs chemical cleaning

 Cleaning in Process ( The Fancoil is dismantle totally from the wall mount)

aircon after chemical cleaning refurbished

Other Aircon Common Problems

  1. Aircon not cooling could be due to a dirty air filter, blocked condenser, or low refrigerant levels. Try cleaning or replacing the air filter, removing any debris from the condenser unit, and checking the refrigerant levels. 
  2. Strange noises: If you hear unusual sounds coming from your aircon, such as rattling, buzzing or grinding, it could be due to loose parts or a malfunctioning fan motor. Turn off your aircon and call a technician to inspect and repair the issue.
  3. Aircon not turning on: If your aircon is not turning on, check the circuit breaker and ensure that the thermostat is set to the correct temperature. If these things seem to be in order, it could be an issue with the electrical wiring or the compressor. 
  4. Foul smell: If you notice a bad odour coming from your aircon, it could be due to mould or bacteria growth in the unit. Clean the air filter and the evaporator coils, and use an aircon cleaning spray to eliminate any remaining odour.
  5. Leaking water: If your aircon is leaking water, it could be due to a clogged drain line or a faulty condensate pump. Turn off your aircon and call a technician to unclog the drain or replace the pump.

Remember, if you’re not comfortable troubleshooting your aircon on your own, it’s always best to call a professional technician to avoid causing further damage.

If you are a busy landlord/investor, these are things that you would not want to get involved in.

From fact-finding, getting multiple quotes, applying to mcst, putting in a cheque deposit until the Job is finished, submitting for online warranty.

Let our BUYCONDO team assist you from screening to securing a tenant and help to maintain a good relationship between the tenant and landlord. Contact us and give us the information of your investment property, well assure in giving landlord an ease of mind when it comes to tenancy matters and trust that your property is in good hands.



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