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Property Profit Calculator

If you plan to sell your BTO, Resale HDB flat or Private Residential Property, it will be good to plan your cash outlay especially when you plan to move on to your next property.   We developed this Property Profit Calculator that allows you to calculate the nett cash proceeds after selling the existing property to purchase the next.

Planning to sell your Resale HDB flat

For Resale, it may not be always the case if there is positive cash flow due to the prolong holding period that may incur you more accrued interest . You will want to know what would be your cash proceeds for your next home planning. 

Planning to sell your MOP EC / BTO flat 

For BTO, it will be different from the aged Resale Flats. There are higher chance for your to progressive to a Condo or event Landed property. Criterias can be getting a place nearer to schools or parent’s place. For Home Owners to list your Property with at Zero Cost.

Planning to sell your Condo or Landed Property

When you decides to cash out for property and use the money for other plans such as retirement or restructuring your property portfolio.  Feel free to schedule a non-obligation discussion with us to discuss more on what are the good deals in the market. Do send in your request for the Free Home Value Estimate.

Planning to sell your HDB and Buy 2 Properties 

You want to Buy a Property and Renting it out. You may want to use the Property Rental Yield Calculator. Feel free to schedule a non-obligation discussion with us to discuss more on what are the good deals in the market.

The result of this profit calculotor is based on your inputs and the assumption that the buyer obtains a bank loan for the purchase of the next flat, do not take into consideration of buyer’s ability to secure a bank loan. In the event of next purchase is a condo or landed property ABSD will be incurred if you decide to buy first sell your within 6 months. For PRs, Married Citizens if you are able to get the reimbursements of ABSD it is best you can check with us and we can work out the plan for you.

Sale of existing flat


CPF utilised plus accured interest


You are having negative sale proceeds the deposit received from the buyer needs to return to HDB.

Purchase of next flat