Best Property Agent in Singapore – a Myth?

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Well, it all depends on the Owners who perceive the value of a Property Agent in Singapore, and all Agent is the same, and the Cheaper, the Better.

That is, in fact, not true. 

Homeowners want to hire the best property agent to sell their property at the highest possible price. They regarded the agency fees are small compared to the sale price, especially in the private property market.

A Good Property Agent that works wholeheartedly should work in the best interest of the Sellers and should be able to achieve a sale price above market valuation by at least $20,000 to $50,000. The Agent’s chance may allow the entire sale process to take less than 30 days without necessarily reducing your price and without attracting unqualified buyers, which can save a lot of unnecessary inconveniences.

Why Should Real Estate Sellers Can’t Sell Property Higher Than Previous Transactions!

Sellers always want to get the highest possible price for their house. However, after trying to hawk their home for months on end, they may face buyers who:

-You have buyers who treat your house like a show flat unit, expecting everything to be perfect.

-You have buyers who offer you below market rate without appreciating all the work you’ve put into the house.

-You have buyers who nitpick about every little detail, even though they’ve only viewed your property 3-4 times.

Some people may look at a few houses and never make an offer. And even if they do, their offer is much lower than the market rate. I believe this needs to stop!

What can be done

We’ll work hard to get your house sold quickly and for the best price possible. We’ll handle all of the paperwork and coordinate with buyers, so you can relax and know that everything is taken care of.

Video & Social Media Marketing

We use videos for marketing our properties, as they are an effective way to reach out to potential buyers in the vicinity of your properties. It allows us to connect with them and interest them in your properties before they even begin their search.

Get highly qualified buyers

We work with qualified buyers who are happy to pay more than your appraised value before seeing your property. It allows you to avoid wasting time and energy showing your home to people who cannot afford it.

Use Better Negotiation Power

The presence of a professional negotiator on your side gives you a better chance for success during the sale of your home. We use the most effective techniques to get you the best possible price for your property.

Why do You work With Us?

We are a team of a top-rated property agents in Singapore. We have facilitated over 200 sales transactions.

We can help you sell your property for more than its market value in less than a month without reducing the price, staging your home, or renovating it.

Most people only sell their house every 5 to 15 years

When a property is not selling for as much as the seller would like, it’s not doing the seller justice. Selling their house for a price similar to their neighbour’s isn’t getting them the best return on their investment.

We realised they needed to get the best cost for their real estate with my assistance as their best real estate agent.

How We Work

FREE Consultation

First, we’ll invite you to a free consultation at our office at your convenience. It is so that we can better understand your situation and goals.

Property Makeover

Next, we’ll recommend some changes to make it easier for buyers to see the potential of your property. We’ll also create professional listing and marketing materials for your property. Finally, we’ll feature your property on all the top property portals to ensure maximum exposure for your property, including over 93% of online property buyers in Singapore who visit PropertyGuru first before searching anywhere else!

Pre-Qualify With Buyers

Our team will collect feedback from interested buyers and pre-qualify them with you so that you only meet with qualified buyers who are keen to buy.

Viewings With Potential Buyers

Then our team will arrange viewings with potential buyers and their agents at times that are convenient for you. All viewings will be accompanied by our experienced salespersons, who will guide and advise on how to handle these negotiations with prospective buyers and agents.

Review Your Offers

After all the viewings are done, we will collate all offers that you have received from serious buyers. Then, we will sit down with you to review their offers and let you choose which offer is best for you.

Your Property Is Sold!

We will draft and prepare the contract of sale with the terms and conditions in the best interest once you have selected an offer.

Results That We Have Gotten for Our Clients

82 LORONG 23 GEYLANG #06-xx: SOLD $130,000 MORE (Sold By Us April 2022)

The market price in that area was about $1,150,000.

However, We manage to sell the house for $1,280,000 more than average at $1,100,000-$1,200,000!

xx HINDEHDE PLACE: SOLD $400,000 MORE (Bought By Us April 2022)

The valuation price for the property from the majority bank was about $4,800,000.

However, the buyer does see the potential in the property; hence the deal was sealed at a higher price with further potential growth.

xx FULTON ROAD: SOLD $400,000 MORE (Sold By Us December 2021)

The last done in that area was about $4,100,000

However, We manage to sell the house for above $4,500,000.


Can I Buy A HDB From The Private Property Owner?

Yes, of course. You can buy any property in Singapore, as long as you are eligible. However, there are specific requirements that you need to fulfil if you want to buy an HDB Flats. Therefore, you will need to contact the Housing Development Board and ask them about the requirements that you need to fulfil before buying an HDB Flats.

Is it possible to buy an HDB property from a previous owner?

You can purchase an HDB resale flat directly from its previous owner. You can engage a real estate agent (REA) to help you search for a suitable property. You can also source for your property by searching on the HDB Resale Portal or other channels.

I’m Under an Exclusive Agreement with an Agent. Can You Help?

Yes, where your Agent cannot provide you with the services you require, we can assist you in finding a suitable agent, or where you have found your ideal property, we can negotiate with the seller’s agent.

What’s the average selling time to sell my home?

It can take anywhere from 1 day to 3 months to sell a unit. However, based on our current sales figures, the average time to find a buyer is about 1.5 months.

How will a real estate agent help me sell my home?

The best reason to sell through an agent is their ability to expose your home to more potential buyers. They have access to multiple listing services and other online resources, databases and print media that enable them to reach thousands of potential buyers. In addition, an experienced agent can help price the home right, advise on repairs and improvements that will enhance the value, and be there, from negotiating offers to overseeing inspections and closing details.

Do you have to sell your property first before buying another one?

There is no restriction on buying a new property if the existing property is not sold. However, if you consider buying a new property but have yet to complete the sale of your existing one, you may apply for a bridging loan.

Is it possible for me to buy an HDB flat while owning a private property?

It depends on which HDB flat you are buying. If you intend to purchase a resale HDB flat using CPF Housing Grant or take up an HDB housing loan, you will need to dispose of your private property within six months from the critical collection of the HDB flat.

A high chance that we already have a ready pool of qualified buyers looking for properties just like yours. And we’ll try and get a match to your asking or close and give you the ease of mind to plan for the next home.

If you’re interested in expert advice for your unique situation, our consultants would be happy to contact you. Contact us to learn more.



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