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Bukit Panjang Condo Comparisons

Eco Sanctuary Vs Tree House Vs Foresque

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1 Eco Sanctuary Vs Tree House Vs Foresque

The Table below abulate based on 22nd September 2022.  Rental Yield , Rental Price (S$psf)  Price Price (S$psf)

The Sales Volume, Average Sale Price and Rental Price(S$psf) and Since TOP till Date.

Bukit Panjang Condo

3 bedroom Layout among the Condos. (Popular for Ownstay / Invest)

Eco Sanctuary 3bedrooms, 990sqft

Eco Sanctuary 1

-Smaller in size as compared to Tree House and Foresque Residences.
-Like Foresque Residences, it has a balcony at the master bedroom.
-It’s compact layout comes with no yard, WC and utility room.
-The potential drawback is the long entryway into the unit.


Foresque Residences 3bedrooms, 1130sqft


-Layouts of living and dining rooms are efficient, no wastage of space like long entryway to unit or to the bedrooms.
-The potential drawback may be the L-shaped kitchen leading to a smaller yard, followed by utility room, with the WC at the end,the entirety formed a C-shaped.
-It may be difficult to use the WC, if the utility room is used as storage. So say if the utility room is used as helper’s room, guests or family members will have to pass through the helper’s room to use the WC.


Treehouse 3bedrooms 1152sqft

Tree House

-Largest in size among the there.
-Comes with yard, WC and utility room which can be used as a helper’s room or for storage.
-The kitchen is squarish, leading to the yard where the WC is located at, and the utility room is tucked at the end.


Offer advice to home buyers who are interested in purchasing a condo in Bukit Panjang


Eco Sanctuary –  If you do without a store room and yard area and fall in love with the High Ceiling

Treehouse – More practical layout for own stay if you dont mind the common bedrooms to fit single size bed.

Foresque –  Location wise, Nearer to the bus stop. Directly infront of the condo. If you can get a unit that is priced not much more compared to Tree house perhaps you can also consider given that it is newest Among the three.


Summarize the key points of this blog post

The majority of the buyers will be existing staying in Bukit Panjang, Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Batok already familiar with the area. Do not need to introduce the location more.

Not limiting to just the three condos, home buyers does have other options like The Skywoods, Dairy Farm Residences (Fully Sold by developers so only left with sub-sale if any).

At, we have Sell properties in all the 3 Condos as well as serving the buyers and sharing with them which is the better premium facing.  Owners and Buyers do contact us for the latest price comparsion to get the best out of it.

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