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Heard of the Condo By-Laws? 7 Essential Rules To Know Living In A Singapore Condominium

Are you currently residing in a condominium? Or even better, moving into the dream condo of your choice? Hidden to most Singaporeans, there is a set of rules named “Condo By-Laws“, which I’m sure many have never heard. And yes, it is a statutory law set by the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (BMSMA).

The general population knows that a Condo is a luxurious estate where unit owners occupy individual apartments. They share special facilities such as swimming pools, fully-equipped gyms, BBQ pits, playgrounds, and most importantly, the tennis courts that barely anyone occupies.

But here’s the catch: some may decide on other properties due to certain condominiums’ specific condo by-laws.

Let’s hear about the 7 Essential Rules To Know Living In A Singapore Condominium.

Damaging any form of Greenery is a crime

Did you know that accidentally stepping on a flower in the condo might be considered damaging the property? I’m sure you didn’t. The Management Corporation(MC), if your condo states that damaging any form of lawn, garden, trees, shrubs, plants, or flowers managed or found in the private complex is a no-no.

So the next time you’re inviting your lovely date and forgot to order flowers. Please, by no means, pick some lovely ones painstakingly grown by your in-house gardener. There’s always the option of asking nicely if that helps.


Drying of Laundry

I admit, through my times living in a condominium, hanging laundry everywhere might be a habit of mine. With the rapid developments of newer housings, many families have opted for a unique indoor drying rack technology. It dries clothes faster and has UV rays to mimic the “just dried in the sun” smell everybody loves.













Not an advertisement for that, but hanging your clothes anywhere without specificity may be a big cross for the MC. Think about it rationally; the reason why condominiums are luxurious is that they look premium. If they have clothes hanging like flags all around, would you still be attracted to them?


Keeping of Animals

Possibly the most crucial point in today’s topic. Straight to the fact, you may legally own a maximum of one scheduled dog and two non-scheduled dogs in a condo. Alternatively, you may possess up to three non-scheduled dogs. Cats, however, are always another option.

Scheduled dogs have at least S$100,000 in insurance that covers “injury to persons and damage to property”.

Categorised under Scheduled Dogs List 1:

  1. Pit Bull, most recognised as fierce dogs.
  2. Neapolitan Mastiff
  3. The Akita
  4. Tosa
  5. Fila Brasileiro
  6. Dogo Argentino
  7. Boerboel
  8. Perro De Presa Canario
  9. All crosses of 1 to 8


Categorised under Scheduled Dogs List 2:

  1. Doberman Pinscher
  2. Bull Terrier
  3. German Shepherd Dog
  4. Rottweiler
  5. Mastiffs
  6. All crosses of 1 to 5.

Any other breeds not mentioned should fall into the category of non-scheduled dogs. So if you own more than three dogs currently, and your MC isn’t making a big fuss about it. Chances are, they love dogs too!


Throwing of Rubbish and Unwanted Object

For those who just got in on the condo action. Please do not deposit your trash anywhere.

The phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” does not apply here.

Condos have specific areas where trash is allowed. Even so, bulky items such as tables or items that obstruct passageways have to be thrown elsewhere.

An exemption can be when you’re throwing out gold, which I welcome. Do tell me when the time comes, and I’ll personally help you toss it out. Not many in Singapore are interested in old belongings, you know.


Behaviour of Owners and Residents

As partial owners of this community, everyone has a role to play. Do cut off the mahjong mentality of “No Win No Sleep” at 10 pm when your neighbours’ and residents are getting ready to sleep. Whereas HDB’s get to play till 4 am, with the police occasionally joining in on the fun!


Breach of by-laws and remedy

The MC, owner or resident may apply to the court for an order to stop someone from disobeying the by-laws and to recover from any potential damage. This means that you have the “Power” to try and intercede anyone in the Condominium. Do remember you’re still human and not risk it for anything overly dangerous.


Not Every Rule is a Rule

Sometimes, there are instances where a condo regulation is not stated as a by-law. To be considered a by-law in Singapore, this specific law requires a Special Resolution backed up by at least 75% of valid votes from the community. That includes you, the owner.

So if, in any scenario, your private complex tries to impose a made-up rule or regulation. You should know what to do.


Need Help?

As most of these rules are general and, as stated by law, some might be different. If you’re uncertain about anything related to condos, ASK AWAY! I’m always here to help you through email or a phone call.


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