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Property Manager in Singapore.

Property Manager in Singapore.

Property Manager in Singapore


Who is it for Busy Professional or Business Owner.

You likely don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands. Your calendar is probably full between work, family, and social obligations. So, when it comes to managing your rental property, the last thing you want to do is spend your precious free time dealing with tenants, Maintenance issues, and other headaches that come with being a landlord. That’s where a property manager can help.

Property managers in Singapore play a critical role in helping property owners maximize the returns on their investments while providing a professional and hassle-free experience for tenants. Their knowledge of local property laws and market conditions is invaluable for property owners looking to make the most of their real estate holdings in Singapore.

Property Manager in Singapore (Work Scope)

  1. Consistently marketing vacant rentals
  2. Scheduling and conducting property showings
  3. Screening applicants
  4. Prepare the Letter of Intent and Tenancy Agreement
  5. Managing vendors to maintain the property for quality work and competitive pricing.
  6. Communicating with tenants
  7. Evaluating and setting rental prices
  8. Negotiating on Renewal of leases
  9. Inspecting of properties pre and post-exit
  10. Following up on late payments
  11. Enforcing late fees or evictions
  12. Ad hoc, periodic issues arise from time to time
  13. Reporting in the event, there are changes of occupiers or occurrence of an event of the premises.

Benefits of having a Property Manager in Singapore.

  1. Handle all of the day-to-day tasks associated with your rental property.
  2. Help you to avoid potential legal problems, checks for unauthorised tenants and expired work passes for compliance.
  3. Help you maximize your rental income by ensuring that your property is well-maintained and properly priced.
  4. Provide valuable advice and assistance if you ever decide to sell your rental property.
  5. They can help you to determine the best-asking price and marketing strategy for your property.
  6. Handle all of the marketing and advertising for your rental property.
  7. Screen potential tenants for you.
  8. Peace of mind knowing that your rental property is in good hands.
  9. Save money by negotiating leases and terms with tenants.
  10. Property managers coordinate and facilitate necessary repairs promptly to ensure tenant safety and satisfaction.
  11. Avoid hassles by dealing with difficult tenants and handling maintenance issues.:
  12. They manage relationships with tenants, handling inquiries, concerns, and complaints promptly and professionally. This helps maintain tenant satisfaction and retention.
  13. Market Analysis: Keeping abreast of property market trends in Singapore to advise property owners on rental pricing and potential investment opportunities.

Protect your investment by ensuring that your property is well-maintained.

In short,  Property Management services in Singapore can save you much time, hassle, and expense in the long run.

There is no question that owning a rental property can be a lot of work especially in the event of emergencies or urgent maintenance issues.

Finding tenants, dealing with maintenance issues can feel like there’s never enough time in the day.

We come across homeowners weighing on renting to Co-Living Company to manage the property.

However, they are often having abit of reservations about it. At BUYCONDO, we strongly understand the concerns where we put our landlord interest first because we are here to work with the landlord on the long term. It will still be advisable to go through a professional property manager and provide the options to the landlord on what is most suitable for them.


Renting out your home.

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A professional property manager will take care of all with So if you’re ready to take the stress out of being a landlord, Speak to us today!

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