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Underlaying Reasons for you to Plan

  1. If you own a HDB with lease decay and looking for an Upgrade.

  2. If you own a Condo with lease decay and looking for an Upgrade.

  3. If you own a Landed that you no longer needs such big space.

  4. If you own a 99 year Landed wanting to get a Freehold Landed.

It is normal for home owners to re-evaluate their options when the times comes be it if you are owning a HDB or Condo.

Over the years, we assisted property owners to do property planning catered to their individual needs.

You maybe looking into the following plan

  1. Aged HDB to Freehold Condo.

  2. Executive Condo to Condo Near Parents and Schools.

  3. Aged Condo to a HDB.

  4. Bigger Condo to Two Condos, One to Stay, One for rental income.

  5. 5 Year Mop HDB to Condo

  6. Condo to Landed

Market Demographics Changes from Time to Time

Covid to Pre Covid

Low Interest to High Interest

Investment Properties to Residing Properties.

Individual / Family Needs Changes from Time to Time

From Single to Married, Needing a Bigger Matrimonial Home.

From Small to Extend Families.

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“Never too Late to Plan” Every families has their different requirements for planning – However the Motivator Factors are usually for the same few good reasons. Speak to us today.

Planning to Sell, but need to get more Clarity before acting on it.

There is no perfect time to sell.

What matters more is what is your next plan.

We recommend you to let us have more information first before evaluating if which plan is more suitable for you. We crunch on the numbers and understand your needs to give you a better picture what is best for you as there’s so much more to consider when selling your property.

Start your Property Property Planning early.

Book a 1 Hr Consultation Appointment with us.

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    Property Planning will never be easier you have a blueprint with the end in mind what asset type you would like to own for your mid to long time plans. 

    Plans to act is never an easy decision however unless you feel need when your property no longer serves you well as much as you expects it to be.

    HDB Price Trends last 5 Years (2018-2023) 

    Hdb Trends Price last 5 Years from 2018 to 2023

    Condo Price Trends last 5 Years (2018-2023) 

    Condo Trends Price last 5 Years from 2018 to 2023

    Buy Condo First than Sell HDB

    Trilinq Buy Condo first and sell HDB and Buy Condo for Singapore citizen and PR spouse

    Sell HDB First than Buy Condo

    Trilinq Condo Sell HDB and Buy Condo for Singapore citizen or with PR spouse

    HDB Resale timeline 2023

    Sell HDB and Buy Condo Timeline

    The Market Buying Trends and Buying Needs has Changed.

    From Covid to Pre-Covid

    From Low Interest to High Interest

    From Investors Market to Largely Own-stays.

    From Foreign Market to Local Demand.

    For Home Owners to get the most Suited Plan.

    While it looks pretty straightforward to some. However it is still good to work with someone you are comfortable to get your plans to actions executed timely.

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      Questions and Answers

      Q1) What If the Condo I want to Sell has not TOP?

      Answer: We can market your property in the Sub-sale market. We have a vast network to reach out to the condo buyers looking to buy. 

      Q2) What I need to do to get my Property ready for you to Market?

      Answer: Let us to do heavy lifting to craft a Winning Strategy to get your property sold effectively. There may not be a need to refresh the property but the fundamentals would be at least de-cluttering for the home viewers to get a better sense of the space.

      Q3) When you plan for us do you just do the sale of property or also help us to buy or doing the renting process if required?

      Answer: Our BUYCONDO team is a one stop that can cater to your needs.