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12 Fast Facts that Landlord and Tenant needs to know

12 Fast Facts that Landlord and tenant needs to know

12 Fast Facts that Landlord and tenant needs to know

  1. The tenancy agreement is a contract that defines the relationships between the Landlord, their tenants and the rented property. 

  2. Don’t sign the tenancy agreement before you fully understand. Once signed, it becomes a binding contract with your agreed obligations.

  3. The tenancy agreement cannot override the statutory rights and condo management by-laws.

  4. The landlord is obliged to give you contact information – name and address for written notices. They may provide their managing agent as long as you can reach them.

  5. Tenants have to pay rent according to utility bills and broadband services.

  6. The landlord is in charge of the cost above the minor repairs and management fees. You are responsible for informing them when a repair is due on the property.

  7. The landlord is obliged to keep the structural, electrical and sewages in good order.

  8. You have a right to private enjoyment of your home. You can change the locks; however, you still have to pass one set of spare keys to the Landlord for safekeeping.

  9. You can only end a tenancy in its fixed term with the agreement of the Landlord or a break clause included in the tenancy agreement.

  10. If you rent with a periodic or fixed-term tenancy, you can end your tenancy with a standard two-month before expiry notice unless otherwise stated

  11. No impromptu “inspections” during the tenancy unless otherwise stated. Any visit prior shall be made an appointment with the Tenant.

  12. Rents arrears of more than seven days conform to a breach of contract. The landlord has the right to evict the tenant if there is a breach of contract.

For Landlords: (12 Fast Facts that Landlord and tenant needs to know – Due Diligence)

  1. Legal Obligations: Landlords must know their legal obligations, including providing a safe and habitable living space, following fair housing laws, and respecting tenant rights.
  2. Lease Agreements: A well-drafted lease agreement is crucial. It should outline both parties’ rent, security deposit, rules, and responsibilities.
  3. Property Maintenance: Landlords are responsible for maintaining the property, ensuring it meets health and safety standards.
  4. Security Deposits: Landlords can typically deduct for damages beyond normal wear and tear from the security deposit.
  5. Eviction Rules: Evicting a tenant varies by jurisdiction and must be done legally.
  6. Insurance: Landlords should consider landlord insurance to protect their property and liability.

For Tenants: (12 Fast Facts that Landlord and tenant needs to know – Due Diligence)

  1. Lease Review: Tenants should thoroughly review their lease agreement before signing, ensuring they understand all terms.
  2. Rental Payments: Pay rent on time to maintain a good relationship with the landlord.
  3. Security Deposit: Document the property’s condition and defects when moving in to ensure a fair return of the security deposit later.
  4. Tenant Rights: Tenants have rights, including the right to a safe and habitable living space, privacy, and the right to withhold rent for essential repairs (in some cases).
  5. Renewal Options: Understand lease renewal terms and timelines, and communicate with the landlord in advance.
  6. Notice Periods: Both landlords and tenants must provide proper notice when ending a lease or making changes.

There is always complexity to the contract and the implicit and explicit agreement between the tenant and landlord.

Understanding these facts can help landlords and tenants navigate their responsibilities and rights, leading to a smoother rental experience for everyone involved.

Will require handling with care, and property management company should be experienced in handling conflict management.

We offer an alternative to landlords keen in renting the condo to the co-living companies. We will have our panel of co-living companies that are already established and prompt in payment. Virtual Tour for a 4 bedroom Condo Co-Living. Let BUYCONDO Team, the property manager assist you in securing the best terms and conditions as well as protecting the landlord’s interest when it comes to contracting the tenancy agreement.

Common issues arising when comes to renting your apartments;

  1. Mould issues in the premises.
  2. Aircon not cold Issues in the premises.


Renting a property can be a smooth and mutually beneficial experience when both landlords and tenants are informed and aware of their rights and responsibilities. By understanding these 12 fast facts, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the rental process successfully and avoid potential disputes.



We will recommend to do the proper way by drafting a novation agreement between the tripartite agreement with signing. At BUYCONDO Team can do it at a nominal fee, additional cost  will be needed if required to pre-exit Joint Inspection checking out and taking over. The cost will usually be borned by the original tenant. However you need to make sure that the landlord allows the novation arrangements.

We will recommend to have a proper documentation with stamp duties cert done.  At BUYCONDO Team we can help to draft a tenancy agreement for both the tenant and landlord to agreed upon. The cost be incurred can be either parties but usually should be borned by the landlord. Stamp Duties by Tenant payble to IRAS.

Although it is in the favour of the landlord in the event of the rental prices has went up, however it not always the case the landlord is happy with because they may have work on some new requests by the new incoming tenant which may incur cost to the landlord.

This is not acceptable unless they are immediate family members. However we do recommend the tenant to inform landlord if there are any visitors that are staying over night from time to time.



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