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Become a Part-Time Property Agent in Singapore (2023)

Become a Part-Time Property Agent in Singapore

Are you looking to become a part-time property agent that offers flexibility and value? Look no further to learn how to become a Part-time Property Agent in Singapore. With over 12 years of experience in the property industry, we understand what it takes to provide top-notch service and support. As a part-time agent, you can enjoy the benefits of working full-time but with the added convenience of having more time to focus on your personal life. 

Not limited to only one product, one can be exposed to different markets and specialize in various aspects to stand out from others.

Once you get behind the scene, you will realize how versatile one could be, which can display your Natural traits that involve your Creativity, persistence and analytical skillsets to meet every property transaction.

By and large, there’s usually a property agent overseeing the purchasing or selling operations.

Becoming a Part-Time Property Agent in Singapore can offer flexibility, which may make it ideal as a part-time position. In our BUYCONDO Team,  a handful of them who are part-timers or semi-active property agents that are Achievers in the industry.

No doubt it is not easy, especially if you may have a day job (that consumes you as a person but not your soul). You still don’t want to give up your job, yet you still crave to craft another Career and obtain Satisfaction that you can’t find in your day job.

No doubt, you may have to cater plentiful hours for your beautiful child and toddler, but that does not stop you from having a career and lifestyle that feeds your soul.

The key would be not how long you have been in the industry but how committed you are. 

 In this article, we explain how to be a property agent in Singapore part-time with steps, offer tips and furnish some frequently asked questions about being a part-time property agent in Singapore with answers.

How to be a part-time property agent in Singapore

If you’re interested in learning how to be a property agent in Singapore part-time, here are some steps you can reference to help you meet your goal:

  1. Complete real estate course (RES)

The first step to beginning your part-time career as a real estate agent is completing professional training, otherwise known as a real estate salesperson (RES) course. Engaging in this training course is crucial because it can provide you with foundations for:

  • Real estate law and commission rules
  • Purchasing or renting contracts
  • Property financing and brokerage
  • Processes for buying or selling

When searching for the right course, it’s essential to check whether it approves by The Council of Estate Agencies (CEA). The time to complete them can vary depending on your schedule, especially if you want to become a property agent part-time. Your credentials for passing a RES course are typically valid for two years after completion.

An example of a provider you might explore is the Life Mastery Academy.

Their Course fee is SGD 828.00, inclusive of GST. To give you more significant savings, the following subsidy is applicable:

Applicable Singaporean Applicants 25 years old and above may utilise their SkillsFuture Fund (Up to $828). 

Eligible NTUC Union members could claim 50% of their *unfunded course fee (capped at $250/year). Members must submit their individual claims after course completion and within six months.

UPDATE: Under the newly enhanced UTAP funding, NTUC union members aged 40 years and above will get increased funding support from $250 to $500. This will apply from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2025.

*Unfunded Course fee refers to the Payable Amount after SkillsFuture Subsidy.

RES Course Modules

RES Exam And Course Modules

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Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Examination Schedule

After completing the RES Course, you may register for the RES exam at CEA’s appointed examination administrator, NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd, and must pass the 2 RES exam papers.

Exams are usually held 3 times a year during Feb/March, June and October.

You would be wise to register at least 2 months in advance as registration closes 1-2 months prior.

Cost of Exam Papers

( $417.30 (inclusive GST) for two papers. $235.40 (inclusive GST) per paper for re-takers.

After you pass your licencing exams

After passing the exams, you must typically pay to register with a licensed estate agency. At times, there are joining promotions for new agents but do not be lured by that alone, as freebies cannot beat having a good RES mentor.

Within two years of completing your RES course, you can register to take your official licencing exam. Usually, the exam includes multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. You might expect the questions to test your knowledge about real estate and property best practices and the individual topics covered in your training course. Studying may help prepare and refresh your understanding of essential topics if you plan to take your licencing exam. Typically, your exam administrator can share whether you passed within four to six weeks of your completion.

Attend property agent recruitment discussions.

Once you’ve earned your license, you can attend property agent recruitment discussions. These meetings help you consider what property agency or management group you want to join. Specifically, they can help you learn about each organization’s focus and allow you to speak and network with other agents who work there. Typically, property agent recruitment discussions can be one or two hours long and happen in formal or informal formats.

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Select an agency

After attending recruitment discussions and learning more about your options, you can consider what company you want to work for as a part-time property agent. During your selection process, make a pros and cons list for each to help you make an informed decision. This choice may take time or happen quickly, depending on what you are looking for and the benefits of each agency.

If you need help selecting an agency to work with, you can reach out to someone who works there and speak to them about their experience working with that agency in particular. Conversations like this might help you better understand what working for each agency is like. When seeking individuals to speak with, you can search for other part-time property agents to gain a more niche perspective.

Submit your official agent registration.

Once you’ve selected an agency you want to work with, you can submit your official agent registration. Typically, your chosen company can provide you with the form you need for submission. When you’ve completed your application, you can send it to the CEA and await approval. You can only start your part-time property agent work once the CEA has provided you with approved credentials.

Choose your working hours. 

When you start your new part-time real estate agent schedule, you can choose your working hours and tailor them to your existing plan. This might mean setting client meetings for convenient times or showing properties during your non-work hours. You can choose how to organize your part-time property agent work hours in a way that makes sense for your life.

Tips to Become a Part-Time Property Agent in Singapore

Here are some tips you can reference to help you become a part-time property agent:

  • Set goals to help motivate yourself in your part-time role.
  • Maintain calendars to organize all your meetings.
  • Communicate with other part-time property agents to learn about their experiences and gain industry tips.
  • Study before taking your RES exam to help boost your odds of passing and avoid having to retake the course.
  • Attend webinars or discussions about property agent topics to develop your professional skills.
  • Market yourself to potential property buyers and sellers to inform them of your services.
  • Itemize the costs to earn your licence and work as a property agent to help you understand the financial requirements.
  • Host open houses to network with potential customers who may use your services.
  • Focus on developing your professional communication skills for working with clients.
  • Build an online presence so your services are searchable for individuals in your area.

Join the Team that is willing to Groom more Producers

We are here to guide you and make you successful if you join the BUYCONDO Team. We are an umbrella under the Largest Real Estate Listed Company. Propnex Realty Pte Ltd.

November 2022 Was the Month of Celebration to see one of the BUYCONDO teammates gotten the Number 1 Producer in November 2022. He achieved it well being a part-time real estate agent.

Being equipped with the Power Skillsets of Being Efficient, Effective, and constantly staying hungry is the Key to Succeeding.

Part time property agent getting NO 1 position in singapore


Become a Part-Time Property Agent in Singapore

Frequently asked questions about being a part-time property agent in Singapore.

If you’re interested in learning more about being a part-time property agent in Singapore, here are seven frequently asked questions with answers that you can examine:

  1. Are there requirements for enrolment in RES courses?

Typically, there are some minor requirements you may need to meet to enrol in a RES course. For example, you usually need to be at least 21 years of age and a resident of Singapore. Must have a minimum of 4 GCE ‘O’ Level passes or equivalent.

If you do not have the minimum 4 GCE ‘O’ Level passes, you may submit a Level 5 and above Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) assessment in these five components (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Numeracy).To ensure you meet all the up-to-date requirements, you might search for them through organizations like CEA before enrolling.

2. Where can I find CEA-approved RES courses?

To learn which RES courses have CEA approval, you may research a specific offering yourself. You can also examine course options like the Schedules( Day or Night Class) to see whether they list official support. 

      3. What if I fail to pass my licencing exam within two years of completing my RES course?

The training may only be valid if you pass your licencing exam within two years of completing your RES course. You need it to be valid to retake the test because having a current valid RES course completion is a requirement. This may mean you need to retake the RES course to regain validation and schedule another exam.

      4. Part time Real Estate Agent Salary?

There is no basic pay is enough to deter you from making the bulk commissions ahead. Experience is the part-time real estate agent with a full-time job who wants the incentive of making 4 ~ 6 Digits commissions depending on the size of the deal.

      5. Part-time Real Estate jobs no experience?

We accept Fresh Graduates or homemakers with the right attitude and mindset to make a difference and venture into real estate as their career path.

6. Pros and Cons of part-time real estate agents?

There is no over-qualified property agent, nor is there an under-qualified property agent. Everyone starts somewhere. When I started in the High-End Market, I was hungry for sales. I was surprised that the Property Owners were giving me equal chances to make a transaction for them.

      7. How can I learn about agencies or management groups I can join without attending recruitment discussions?

Another way to learn about agencies you can join is by researching them online. Usually, you can find information like client reviews, professional rankings or agent testimonials about their experiences working there. Reading through these might help you make informed decisions, similar to if you attended a recruitment discussion.

      8. How long does it take for CEA to approve after you’ve submitted your registration?

After submitting your registration to CEA, you can expect a response in four to six weeks. This wait time is about the same time it takes to learn whether you passed your licencing exam. However, specific approval wait times may vary depending on individual situations.

       9. Are property agent positions good jobs to have in Singapore?

Property agent positions are typically good jobs in Singapore because they provide a fast-paced landscape. These jobs also allow full-time and part-time agents to choose their work hours. However, the availability of properties might be higher in specific areas, making certain locations more lucrative for property agents.

       10. Is it hard to be a part-time property agent?

Whether Becoming a Part-Time Property Agent in Singapore is hard or not can depend on you or your situation. However, if you have concerns about this part-time position being challenging, we can share some strategies and systems to make you more efficient and help you close deals faster.

Contact us today to learn more about our part-time property agent services! We are open to people who are interested in starting or already have a RES License looking for a strong team with an online presence.

BUYCONDO team is also Featured as Carousell Recommended Agent in their Headquarters.


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