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Rental Market in Singapore 2023-2024

Rental Market in Singapore 2023-2024: 

Caution Landlords: If you have intend to reject a reasonabilty good offer please re-consider. We are seeing landlord missing out good tenants and the next offer will push back the start date for another month later. Talk to us and discuss on a realistic rent for your property. What you see in URA Transaction may not be a true Reflections. Given that there are different scenarios such as renting to a co-living company at a higher rent that does not mean those tenants with a family profile will be willing to match the prices. Current Market Asking Price and Offer Prices may have a gap of approximately up to 10%, 

The Rental are seeing softening by seeing the available units turnover has slown down by quite abit. There are more units there is available immediate vs to two years back the supply is based on a back locks with units are putting in the market three to five months ahead of the lease expiry.

For Landlords whom the leases is ending. You may want to review your pricing strategy.

One way to lease out the property faster and with a stable and tenancy landlord can also consider co-living. We have a panel of operators that worked closely with us as part of our property management services. We screen and shortlist the co-living companies that can provide sustainable, prompt payments and with maximise rental efficiently. Contact us and we can advise you accordingly.

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Private residential rents fall 2.2% in May: Savills
Despite the month-on-month decline, the average median rent for a three-bedroom home has still risen 17.8% year on year

The average median rent for pri­vate non-landed homes in Singa­pore declined 2.2 per cent in May
2023, in contrast to the 2.4 per cent increase in the previous month, the Savills May 2023 Rental Guide indi­cated.Savills said the softening of ren­tals for this one-to-four bedroom category was due to an increase in new housing supply in 2023, as more projects are near completion and construction delay issues have
been resolved. It also noted that the challenging macroeconomic situation has com­pelled companies to tighten their budgets for staff. Cost-cutting has
extended to measures such as a smaller budget for expatriates’ ren­tal use as well as staff layoffs.Savills’ executive director of re­search and consultancy, Alan Cheong, commented that the weaken­ing rental is a relief for people seek­ing to find accommodation, as ren­tal rates “in more districts start to soften”.
In Cheong’s view, the impact to landlords is marginal as their over­all yields remain healthy. Despite weakening in rents, healthy overall yields allow landlords to “effective­ly counterbalance higher interest costs”. For investors, Cheong add­ed that their financial positions are still well protected as the rental de­cine remains moderate. By unit type, the average median rent for a three-bedroom home de­creased 3.2 per cent month on month. Year on year, the average
median rent increased by 17.8 per cent. In terms of the sub-market with the highest median monthly rents, Savills noted that District 4 was
ranked the highest at SS9,300 per month. This includes areas such as Sentosa, Mount Faber, Keppel andTelok Blangah.
This was followed by District 1 (Chinatown, Boat Quay, Havelock Road, Marina Square, Raffles Place, Suntec City) at S$8,500 and District 9 at S$7,500 (Cairnhill, Killiney. Le­onie Hill, Orchard, Oxley). Marcus Loo, chief executive offi­cer of Savills Singapore, said he be­lieves the period of rising private home rents is over as more homes come onto the market with the passing of the pandemic. He added that as economic headwinds strain tenants’ budgets, the rental correction would “allow the
market to reset to a more sustaina­ble foundation for the longer-term good of the economy”. Analysts say that rentals have softened on the increase in new
housing supply, as more projects are near completion and construction delay issues have
been resolved.

Wednesday Jul 12,2023


Rental Market in Singapore 2022-2023: 

Rental Market in Singapore 2023-2024

Rental Market in Singapore FOR 2022-2023 has been on the rise, especially from the beginning of 2022, and this trend is expected to continue in the short term.

Inflation is hitting Singapore’s housing market hard, and the next step of the property journey will be much more expensive.

Now for the rental housing market in Singapore, the recent hike in rental rates is no secret, largely due to the Construction delays of the new HDB flats and residential development.

The rental market in Singapore is heating up, with prices rising 8.5% in the first half of 2022.

Price hikes are increased Rental demand due to the pandemic and delays in the supply of new housing developments.

Change of Lifestyle leads more tenants working from home to look for bigger spaces.

Foreigners are looking to bring their families to Singapore (Such as Hongkong/China).

More Locals want to rent after selling their properties.

Home Owners that sold their homes but are still trying to prepare a new place in time.

Now either the renovation needs more time to be completed, or they can’t find a suitable new property at a reasonable price

While high rental prices might be unsustainable in the long run, they are there to support rising home prices.

In case of the market turns, it might need more willing renters due to shrinking demand from prospective tenants.

Before 2020, the rental market was on the decline, and in 2017 prices started to stabilize from 2018 onwards.

Once all the residential under-construction developments are obtained TOP, that will help to fulfil the demand of the renters.

Although we are seeing the volume of transactions (Depend Sectors) has been shrinking the rental prices have made a parabolic move upward.

The renter market is booming, including HDB and Private Residential Properties.

Landlords are not inclined to lower prices due to the vast number of enquiries flowing in at this stage. Especially with the Rising Interest Rates.

Private Properties vs HDB Rental Market in Singapore 2023-2024

The condominium and apartments are the largest rental market in Singapore by volume. 

In the event of a price decline, it will be private properties followed by HDB rental prices.

Alternatives to Renters (HDB Flats)

Renters might go to find more affordable renter options in the HDB rental market, pushing the prices there higher instead.

Rents are increasing at an alarming rate, if you’re still looking, do act on it.

So why are rental prices rising, and will they continue to rise? Numbers don’t lie.

Rental prices have risen, possibly due to a search in demand from people who want their place.

Get predictions for the rental market

Condo rents are the ones to watch to see if a bubble is forming in the rental market.

Unlike HDB, landed rentals still have the potential to keep rising in the short run. 

The rental market is constantly evolving

– Get ahead of the competition.

– Stay informed about market changes.

– Feel proud of yourself for outsmarting the system.

– Secure a place for your family in this ever-growing city.

– Feel like you’re on top of the world as you watch your investment grow.

– Will Your Rental Income Continue to Increase for Landlords?


Global citizens might choose to live in a haven like Singapore, so the demand for rental properties will continue to rise.

The rental market for condominiums and apartments will continue to heat up, which is undoubtedly good news for Landlords who own investment property

If you’re a real estate investor in Singapore, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date on the latest market trends.

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