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Woodlands Condos and Landed Properties: A Thriving Residential Haven in Singapore

Woodlands Condos and Landed Properties: A Thriving Residential Haven in Singapore

Woodlands Condos and Landed Properties: All you need to know



Woodlands is a thriving residential town located in the northern part of Singapore, known for its diverse range of property options, including condos and landed properties [1]. With its strategic location, abundance of amenities, and connectivity, Woodlands has become an attractive choice for homeowners and investors alike.

Woodlands Condos: A Range of Options

Woodlands features 14 condos, offering a total of 6,311 units. Each condo provides a variety of unit sizes, amenities, and price ranges, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of residents. Living in a condo in Woodlands offers convenience, modern living spaces, and access to nearby amenities. Residents can enjoy facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, and function rooms within the condo developments. Some condos even offer panoramic views of the surrounding greenery and the city skyline, providing a picturesque living environment.

For example, The Woodsvale is one of the condos in Woodlands that offers a range of unit sizes from two-bedroom to four-bedroom apartments. It provides residents with a gymnasium, swimming pool, and tennis court for their recreational needs. The condo is also conveniently located near amenities such as shopping malls and schools, making it an ideal choice for families.

Landed Properties in Woodlands: Space and Privacy

In addition to condos, Woodlands also boasts 22 landed properties, comprising a total of 167 units. Landed properties in Woodlands offer more space compared to condos, providing homeowners with the opportunity to have private gardens, car porches, and multiple levels within their properties. These properties offer a sense of exclusivity and privacy in a tranquil environment, making them ideal for families or individuals looking for a spacious and independent living experience.

For instance, Greenwood Mews is a landed property development in Woodlands that offers a collection of strata houses. Each unit comes with its own car porch and private garden, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor space within their own property. The development also features communal facilities such as a swimming pool and a clubhouse, providing a balance between privacy and community living.

Location and Connectivity: A Gateway to Singapore and Malaysia

Woodlands is strategically located approximately 25 km away from the central business district. It shares borders with Sembawang, Mandai, and Sungei Kadut, making it a well-connected planning area. One of the significant aspects of Woodlands is its role as one of Singapore’s two international land border connections, connecting Singapore and Malaysia at the Woodlands Checkpoint. This connection provides residents with convenient access to Malaysia for work, leisure, or travel purposes.

Woodlands is also well-served by various MRT stations, including Woodlands, Woodlands (Thomson-East Coast Line), Marsiling, Woodlands South, Woodlands North, Kranji, and Admiralty. These MRT stations ensure excellent connectivity for residents, allowing them to travel conveniently to other parts of Singapore. Major expressways such as the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and Seletar Expressway (SLE) further provide easy access to different areas of the island.

Woodlands: A Flourishing Residential Town

Woodlands New Town was created in the 1980s as part of Singapore’s plan to disperse urban living. Since then, the town has experienced significant development and growth, attracting homebuyers and investors. Woodlands offers a comprehensive range of amenities, including shopping malls like Causeway Point and Vista Point, where residents can enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The town is also known for its recreational areas such as Woodlands Waterfront Park and Admiralty Park, providing residents with green spaces to relax and engage in outdoor activities.

The master plan of Woodlands focuses on creating a sustainable and vibrant community, with a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational areas. The town’s continuous development and commitment to providing a high quality of life make it an appealing destination for those looking for a complete living experience.

Education and Amenities: A Complete Living Experience

Woodlands is home to various primary and secondary schools, offering educational options for families residing in the area. Reputable schools in Woodlands include Woodlands Primary School, Riverside Primary School, and Woodgrove Secondary School, among others. This ensures that residents have access to quality education for their children within close proximity to their homes.

In terms of amenities, Woodlands offers a wide range of dining options, retail outlets, supermarkets, and other essential facilities. Residents can also benefit from healthcare services provided by Woodlands Health Campus and nearby medical clinics. The town is well-connected with community centers, sports facilities, and libraries, ensuring that residents have access to a range of recreational and community activities.


Woodlands Condo and Apartments

Total Projects: 14 Total Units: 6,311
Project Name No. of Units Unit Size Average PSF Rental Price Rental Yield Property Type Tenure
BELLEWOODS 561 786 – 1679 sqft S$ 1,155 psf S$ 4.2 psf pm 4.4% Executive Condominium 99 yrs from 2013
CASABLANCA 478 893 – 1389 sqft S$ 997 psf S$ 3.3 psf pm 4.0% Condominium 99 yrs from 2001
FORESTVILLE 653 850 – 2669 sqft S$ 1,089 psf S$ 3.4 psf pm 3.8% Executive Condominium 99 yrs from 2012
LA CASA 444 872 – 1367 sqft S$ 935 psf S$ 3.5 psf pm 4.4% Executive Condominium 99 yrs from 2004
NORTHOAKS 720 1055 – 2486 sqft S$ 807 psf S$ 3.0 psf pm 4.5% Executive Condominium 99 yrs from 1997
NORTHWAVE 358 667 – 1722 sqft S$ 1,124 psf S$ 4.2 psf pm 4.5% Executive Condominium 99 years leasehold
PARC ROSEWOOD 689 431 – 2390 sqft S$ 1,227 psf S$ 4.8 psf pm 4.7% Condominium 99 yrs from 2011
ROSEWOOD 437 1001 – 2745 sqft S$ 909 psf S$ 3.1 psf pm 4.0% Condominium 99 yrs from 2000
ROSEWOOD SUITES 200 657 – 2756 sqft S$ 939 psf S$ 3.0 psf pm 3.9% Condominium 99 yrs from 2008
THE WOODGROVE 72 829 – 1765 sqft S$ 929 psf S$ 4.0 psf pm 5.2% Apartment 99 yrs from 1996
TWIN FOUNTAINS 418 829 – 2207 sqft S$ 1,134 psf S$ 3.6 psf pm 3.8% Executive Condominium 99 yrs from 2012
WOODGROVE CONDOMINIUM 248 1163 – 3132 sqft S$ 896 psf S$ 3.0 psf pm 4.0% Condominium 99 yrs from 1997
WOODHAVEN 337 592 – 3358 sqft S$ 865 psf Condominium 99 yrs from 2011
WOODSVALE 696 1227 – 2626 sqft S$ 801 psf S$ 3.1 psf pm 4.6% Executive Condominium 99 yrs from 1997


Woodlands Landed Properties

Total Projects:  22 Total Units: 167
Project Name No. of Units Unit Size Average PSF Rental Price Rental Yield Property Type
ASHWOOD GROVE N/A 1938 – 6857 sqft Landed
BEECHWOOD GROVE N/A 2131 – 12906 sqft Landed
BEECHWOOD TERRACE 8 2131 – 2422 sqft S$ 1,173 psf S$ 3.4 psf pm 3.4% Terrace House
BUKIT VILLAS 24 2164 – 2164 sqft S$ 1,032 psf S$ 2.6 psf pm 3.0% Semi-Detached House
CEDARWOOD GROVE N/A 1970 – 7459 sqft Landed
CENTURY WOODS 99 1615 – 5393 sqft S$ 1,308 psf S$ 3.6 psf pm 3.3% Terrace House
DAVIS PINEGROVE N/A 6458 – 6458 sqft S$ 635 psf Detached House
JALAN DINDING N/A 3800 – 6297 sqft Landed
JALAN GELEGAR N/A 2465 – 4413 sqft Landed
JALAN JENDELA N/A 3714 – 4951 sqft Landed
JALAN KASAU N/A 2153 – 4908 sqft Landed
JALAN RASOK N/A 2228 – 7287 sqft Landed
NORTHILL 10 2153 – 4908 sqft S$ 959 psf S$ 2.8 psf pm 3.5% Semi-Detached House
OAKWOOD GROVE N/A 1894 – 8407 sqft Landed
PINE VILLAS N/A 2159 – 2960 sqft S$ 1,088 psf S$ 2.1 psf pm 2.3% Semi-Detached House
PINEWOOD GROVE N/A 1938 – 10527 sqft Landed
PINEWOOD TERRACE 8 1938 – 2648 sqft S$ 1,136 psf S$ 2.9 psf pm 3.1% Terrace House
RASOK DRIVE N/A 2164 – 2164 sqft Landed
WOODGROVE ESTATE 18 1744 – 7459 sqft S$ 881 psf S$ 2.2 psf pm 2.9% Terrace House
WOODGROVE VIEW N/A 1615 – 5393 sqft Landed
WOODGROVE WALK N/A 1615 – 3283 sqft Landed
WOODLANDS PARK N/A 1937 – 8288 sqft S$ 992 psf S$ 1.9 psf pm 2.3% Semi-Detached House

Woodlands Condos and Landed Properties: All you need to know


Property Manager in Singapore

Woodlands Primary and Secondary Schools (Distance Taken from Woodgrove Condomium)

Schools Primary and secondary schools only
School Name Distance Nature School Type
Singapore Sports School 844m Co-ed Specialised
Admiralty Primary School 2480m Co-ed Govt
Evergreen Primary School 2103m Co-ed Govt
Fuchun Primary School 498m Co-ed Govt
Greenwood Primary School 2728m Co-ed Govt
Innova Primary School 897m Co-ed Govt
Marsiling Primary School 1121m Co-ed Govt
Qihua Primary School 1531m Co-ed Govt
Riverside Primary School 2899m Co-ed Govt
Si Ling Primary School 509m Co-ed Govt
Woodgrove Primary School 932m Co-ed Govt
Woodlands Primary School 1297m Co-ed Govt
Woodlands Ring Primary School 1762m Co-ed Govt
Admiralty Secondary School 2862m Co-ed Govt
Christ Church Secondary School 1257m Co-ed Govt-aided
Evergreen Secondary School 1804m Co-ed Govt
Fuchun Secondary School 614m Co-ed Govt
Marsiling Secondary School 1071m Co-ed Govt
Riverside Secondary School 1436m Co-ed Govt
Spectra Secondary School 2559m Co-ed Specialised
Woodgrove Secondary School 1539m Co-ed Govt
Woodlands Ring Secondary School 2135m Co-ed Govt
Woodlands Secondary School 1393m Co-ed Govt

MRTs near Woodlands

Displacement measured via map scale
Station Name Distance Line Station Code
Woodlands 936m North South Line NS9
Woodlands 969m Thomson-East Coast Line TE2
Marsiling 1007m North South Line NS8
Woodlands South 1225m Thomson-East Coast Line TE3
Woodlands North 2108m Thomson-East Coast Line TE1
Kranji 2318m North South Line NS7
Admiralty 2392m North South Line NS10


Woodlands presents a thriving residential town with a diverse range of property options, including condos and landed properties. Whether it’s the modern condos with convenient amenities or the spacious landed properties offering privacy and space, Woodlands caters to various preferences.  With its continuous development and vibrant community, Woodlands promises a quality living experience for residents.

If you are a Home Owner looking for someone that can assist you to sell or lease out the properties can contact us today to match the buyer pool.


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